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Introducing Our Team


Karen Fogie CHT, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher

​Karen began her holistic journey in England becoming a member of the Academy of Curative Hypnotherapists in 1986. Karen is now an active member of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists in New Hampshire. Continuing her love of all things Holistic Karen trained in all levels of Reiki, attaining her Master level in 2018 and her Master teaching level in 2022. She is an affiliate member of the International Centre for Reiki Training in Michigan. Karen also offers meditation and spiritual classes at the centre. Her spare time is spent outdoors, hiking with her husband and their dogs Jj and Scout. For more information and to book appointments go to:

Call/Text Karen at 619 871 0662

Mike Fogie, Reiki Master

​Mike began practicing Reiki along side his wife ​​in 2015 when he became credentialed as a Reiki II practitioner. Since then Mike has obtained Reiki Master certification and supplements the healing efforts at the Holistic Energy Centre. Mike's passion is to support his fellow Veterans and he offers free meditation sessions on a regular basis. H​e looks forward to meeting you.

Shakti, Conscious Massage Therapist

Shakti was born and raised in France and has been professionally established in massage therapy in the US since 2003. She became a member of the NCBTMB (National board of massage therapy and body work) in 2011 when relocating from California to Illinois. Shakti began her Reiki initiation in San Francisco in 2011 and completed her Reiki Master Teacher in Aurora in October 2013.

Her key to success is to never stop learning and always bring the energy from the head back to the heart to elevate the vibration with the wings of gratitude and forgiveness. Her spiritual mentor blessed her with the most important ingredient; consciousness. For more information and booking go to;

Call/Test Shakti at  650-906-4202

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Tina McDonald, Reiki Master, Tarot, Oracle and Runes Reader

Tina is at least a third generation intuitive on her father's side of the family and was first introduced to the metaphysical and spiritual world at a young age. She began her studies in 2020 where she found solace in the healing properties of Reiki. Tina is attuned in Karuna, Holy Fire, Dragon, Crystal, Shamanic and Angelic Reiki and draws from all these modalitIes during a Reiki session. As well as practicing Reiki Tina offers Tarot, Oracle, Runes and Pendulum divination.  is certified to conduct EFT tapping sessions and Aura cleansing. Tina is an affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki in Michigan and a member of International Association of Reiki Professionals. Outside of her practice Tina lives in Wheaton with her partner Danny, their 3 dogs and 2 cats. For more information and to book your appointment go to :

Call/Text Tina at 630 796 1085

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