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Private Event

Saturday February 18th, 4-6pm       

WhaleBreathing is a way of establishing and maintaining your connection to Body, Soul & Spirit. It helps increase the awareness of your inner voice. As that clarity opens, so does your ability to stand in your own strength to find your own power and authentic self. Through WhaleBreathing you meet the I AM.


This powerful self -healing technique helps release emotional patterns, relieving you of stress, anxiety, and tension. Breathwork is feminine, it is flow that aligns the body, soul, and spirit. The breath helps surrender restriction and creates movement in the body to release blocks. This opens you up to receiving something greater. When the feminine is in balance, you allow your authentic voice to articulate desires through the heart, instead of the head, creating a grounded, safe space to communicate.

Cost: $40  RSVP to Karen 619-871-0662

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